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Personal Mobile Banking

Centric Bank’s FREE* Mobile Banking provides you with the ultimate convenience for managing your finances anytime, anywhere from your smart phone.

How to Enroll

You must be enrolled in our Online Banking services. If you are not currently enrolled in Online Banking, please call your local Financial Center or complete our application. You must login to Online Banking and change the password that was initially provided to you by Centric Bank. Then download the free mobile banking app to your device.
If you already use our Mobile App, simply update the App in the App Store Updates screen (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

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Enjoy these Features with the Centric Bank Mobile App

Balance and Transaction History
For each of your accounts, check your balance, view transactions and use the quick navigation icon (…) to select Transfer From, Deposit To, or Pay From.








Transfer Money
Transfer money between your Centric accounts.









Manage Your Debit Cards
You have control over your card with this valuable security feature of our mobile app.

- Report a lost or stolen card

- Temporarily suspend a card if you think you’ve lost it.  Card turns up in a coat pocket?  Simply re-activate it!

- Suspend your card when you know you won’t be using it – to prevent unauthorized purchases or withdrawals – turn the card back on instantly when you’re ready to use it again.




Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)
Deposit checks with the snap of a photo!  Easy to use with auto focus…simply line up your camera and the app does the rest.  Enjoy the convenience of securely depositing checks when it’s convenient for you.








Text Balance and History
Get your account balances and transaction history instantly!  Just text “Bal” or “Hist” to our Text Banking number (895-49) and your account info will be texted back to you immediately.








Set up alerts in Online Banking and receive them on your mobile device. This feature is totally customizable!  Set up alerts for what you need!

- When your account drops below a certain balance

- When a check has cleared

- Reminders to pay a bill

- When your account has insufficient funds

- When an ACH debit or credit has been posted to your account



Plus enjoy these convenient features!

  • Touch ID, or “Fingerprint” login
  • Remember Me option for faster login
  • Select your own landing page
  • View check images
  • Find ATM and branch locations


Customer security is a top priority for the team at Centric Bank.  As always, our mobile service has the same protection as online banking. Centric Bank utilizes state-of-the-art encryption technology, authentication, firewalls and secure login to protect your accounts from unauthorized access. No sensitive data is ever stored locally on your mobile device.

For more information about our Mobile Banking app, please contact Centric Bank at 717.657.7727 or toll free 888.274.2033.

*Centric Bank does not currently charge a fee for mobile banking, but your mobile carrier may charge data usage fees, text message or Internet access fees.

Mobile App Tips

  • Choose which accounts appear in your mobile app from within your Online Banking account.
  • Alerts must be created in Online Banking, under the Options tab. You can set alerts to be e-mailed to you, texted, or choose “login” to have alerts appear when you login to online banking or the mobile app.
  • When taking check photos:  make sure your check is on a dark background and ensure there’s enough light.