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Our Story

Centric Bank for Small Businesses

Centric Bank and its parent company Centric Financial Corporation were formed in 2007 from the vision of four individuals who were determined to reform and rebrand an existing institution, restoring it to its roots of being a true, independent community bank. In less than 60 days, 125 local investors embraced the compelling vision that was outlined and rebranded as Centric Bank:  We Revolve Around You.

Centric Bank is recognized as a Difference Maker in our communities. Our loan growth has averaged in the double digits, and we have remained a leader in state and local lending. We continue to be a lifeline to small- and medium-size businesses.

We have helped people in our communities achieve the American dream of owning a business or expanding a current business; we have helped our neighbors purchase their first residence or build their dream home. In every loan and business relationship, we see American ingenuity, resilience, and exceptionalism in living color. We invite you to be a Difference Maker with us.

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