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Nonprofit Organizations

Our team works directly with foundation executives and their committees to create critical investment policies that meet your objectives. Involving your banking partner in developing your investment objectives will help foundations create a diverse, long-term portfolio of sustainability and growth that is designed to serve your core beneficiaries long into the future. At Centric Bank, we see the value and importance of your services firsthand, and we not only want to see your mission succeed; we want to help make it happen.

To see how we can help your nonprofit organization succeed, contact us at 717.657.7727 or Connect with a Banker today.

“As a stronghold for foundation and nonprofit banking, Centric Bank is a passionate neighborhood partner, deeply invested in the people and businesses that call central Pennsylvania home. The Centric team works, shops, and lends locally. We truly value the banking services they provide and the guidance, knowledge, and support they offer to our schools and the entire Camp Hill community,” said Robin Jones, Executive Director of the Camp Hill Lion Foundation and David Reeder, Camp Hill School District Superintendent.

Vet Your Potential Bank with These Five Questions

When choosing a banking partner, we believe it’s good business–and responsible stewardship–to vet the institution with questions concerning their commitment and footprint in the community:

  1. What is the bank’s community history? Are they local lenders with deep banking experience?
  2. What nonprofits, causes, and foundations does the bank support?
  3. Are they interested in becoming knowledgeable about and supportive of your foundation?  Do they respect your passion for your cause?
  4. What degree of trust has the bank developed in the community? Is their reputation equal to their core principles?
  5. Does your banking partner have the investment tools and mechanisms in place to earn your organization money? Is there a competitive return on assets and on the principal?