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Banking for Doctors

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What Makes Centric Bank the Bank for Doctors?doctor centric bank logo and link

Doctor Centric Bank, a division of Centric Bank, aims to be the bank for doctors. We understand that banking for the healthcare industry looks very different than most business banking, which is why we offer a range of services just for you. From us, you can count on:

  • Up to 100% financing of equipment for the practice or building improvements
  • Partner buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Up to 100% residential home financing
  • Unsecured executive lines of credit
  • Medical malpractice financing
  • SBA loan and government financing specialists

When you need the highly specialized resources of a private banker, we're on call.

Connect with a Doctor Centric banker

Doctor Centric Bank: Business Loans for Doctors and More

Healthcare professionals are much more than merely another business in the community. Doctors, dentists, surgeons, pediatricians — veterinarians, too! — work demanding hours and often have complex business needs. If you run your own practice, you may need to manage customer payments, insurance payments, regular upgrading of your services and equipment, and more. Our Doctor Centric Bank has you covered!

We understand you don't just need banking and financial services. As a healthcare provider, you need real solutions to help you manage your money and support the financial side of your practice. By working closely with healthcare practitioners, listening to our healthcare clients, and picking a team of banking professionals with experience in the healthcare industry, we have created a concierge service and specialized financial services specifically for this sector. We take care of the banking so you can take care of your practice and your patients.

As your private banker, Doctor Centric Bank handles your finances so you can focus on what really matters – the people who depend on your care. We respect the value of time and deliver the power of financial resources directly to you, wherever you are — at the office, at the hospital, at home, or at one of our Financial Centers.


  • On-site and at-your-convenience loan meetings and transactions
  • Personalized banking services for the practice and doctors
  • Expedient business loan decisions and on-call private banking
  • Full suite of cash management services with no nuisance fees and no per-item fees, including:
    • Remote deposit
    • Positive pay
    • ACH and wire services
    • Merchant card services
    • Same day banking
    • Customer pay page

For more information about Doctor Centric Bank, please contact a banker here, or call us at 717.657.7727, or toll free at 888.274.2033.

What Doctor Centric Bank Can Do for Your Practice

At home, the hospital, and in the doctor's lounge, Centric Bank is quietly supporting you with the financial solutions you need. Our cash management services for doctors, for example, mean no per-item fees and no nuisance fees, saving you and your practice money. With our healthcare industry financing, banking, and investing options, we offer concierge-level services so you can always get the support you need — even when you only have a few minutes in between appointments.

Banking for medical professionals simply can't look like banking for any other profession. The cash management needs of people who work in clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings are unique. You may need larger lines of credit to pay for expanding your practice or renovating your clinic, or you may need to do the majority of your banking online, from the hospital or after hours.

Centric Bank offers convenience banking for doctors. With us, mobile banking and online banking allows you to access your banking information and process transactions, no matter where you are and no matter what the time. From a computer or your mobile device, you can do your banking on doctors’ hours — not bank hours — with complete security.

Cash Management in the Healthcare Industry

Centric Bank has banking packages for medical professionals designed to offer you the ultimate in convenience and cost savings. Our banking programs for doctors help you get your practice started and allow your financial services to grow with your practice or clinic.

Contact Centric Bank today to set up a business banking account for doctors or to learn more about our credit lines for doctors. Our unsecured credit lines for doctors begin at $25,000, and our other options for financing for doctors and healthcare financial partnerships give you additional solutions if you need more funding.

If your practice is thriving, you may be interested in Centric Bank doctors' savings accounts, CDs, or money market accounts, as well as medical malpractice financing to protect your future. When it comes to private banking for doctors or small business banking for your practice, Centric Bank has the solutions you want. To find out more about banking and business loans for physicians and others in the healthcare industry, contact Centric Bank today to speak with a Doctor Centric banker about your concerns and plans.

All credit subject to review and approval.