PPP Loan Forgiveness

PLEASE NOTE:  If you received notice that your PPP loan is now owned by Civis Bank, you will be working with Centric Bank on your loan forgiveness using the PPP Portal at https://cbcivis.lenderscooperative.com
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PPP Portal

If you have a Paycheck Protection Program loan with Centric Bank, you will use our PPP Portal to apply for loan forgiveness. Please begin by viewing the User's Guide which contains step by step instructions.

The Forgiveness Application Process

will be completed entirely online using our Portal, and we will be generating the appropriate SBA form on your behalf based on your qualifications.  After answering the qualification questions, we will provide the form for your review and electronic signature as part of our streamlined approach to simplifying this phase of the PPP process. Only one individual from your organization is required to access the Portal and complete the Forgiveness Application. The selected individual must be authorized to complete the certifications included in the Forgiveness Application and in accordance with Section 1102 of the CARES Act.  

To access the Forgiveness Portal and begin the Application process, please click the link above to view the User's Guide with step-by-step directions.  As always, we are here to help.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at 717.686.4973 to speak with a PPP specialist.
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Centric Center

We are pleased to announce that we’ve established a Paycheck Protection Program support team, called the Centric Center.  This group will be dedicated to providing service and support to our PPP customers by reviewing Forgiveness Applications, responding to inquiries, and resolving technical issues. If you have any questions or problems with the Forgiveness process, please contact one of our PPP specialists at

717.686.4973  |  CentricCenter@centricbank.com

Ask an Accountant

More good news! Inside the Forgiveness Portal you will see a button to “Ask an Accountant.” We’ve contracted with a regional accounting firm to provide you with financial advice related to your PPP Forgiveness Application, at no-cost to you.  These accounting professionals are available to answer any financial and tax questions as you work through the Forgiveness process.