Nonprofit Organizations

Centric Bank offers banking for non-profit organizations, uniquely designed around your specific needs.
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Our business banking for non-profits includes:

  • Nonprofit Checking account which offers no minimum balance, no maintenance fees, and earns tiered interest, so the higher your balance the more you earn. A non-interest bearing account is also available.
  • Services that give you more control over your money, so more of your revenues can go toward your mission.
  • Personalized attention and service, so you can find solutions that meet your needs.
  • Mobile and online banking, so your team members can bank on your schedule, even if your mission requires you to travel.
  • Remote deposit of checks, allowing you to deposit donations without having to come into a financial center.
  • Merchant services, allowing you to accept donations through a variety of payment options.
  • Certificates of Deposit, so you can earn a competitive interest rate on your money and make the greatest impact on the greatest number of people.

Centric Bank and You

We understand the value non-profit organizations bring to our community, and we support them fully, not only through our services, but also through our own commitment to their missions. Our team members are passionate about taking part in local non-profit efforts. Our employees volunteer, donate to causes and work to make a difference in our communities — just like you. 

Our team works directly with foundation executives and their committees to create critical financial solutions that meet organizational objectives. Involving your banking partner in developing your financial objectives will help foundations create a diverse, long-term portfolio of sustainability and growth that is designed to serve your core beneficiaries long into the future. At Centric Bank, we see the value and importance of your services firsthand, and we not only want to see your mission succeed; we want to help make it happen.
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Our Commitment to Non-profits

Don’t just take our word for it. Find out how we have made a measurable difference to this organization: 
"There were many mergers in the banking industry, and as a result we experienced a change in the relationship we had with our existing bank. We felt overlooked and disconnected. As a small non-profit, we thrive on the close relationships we build in our community, not just with our participant families and volunteers, but also with our corporate supporters and service providers. We wanted convenience, but more importantly we wanted the comfort and security that comes from having a meaningful relationship with our bank. We were warmly welcomed at Centric."
Gillian Byerly, Executive Director
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Vet Your Potential Bank With These Five Questions

When choosing a banking partner, we believe it’s good business — and responsible stewardship — to vet the institution with questions concerning their commitment and footprint in the community:
  • What is the bank’s community history? Are they local lenders with deep banking experience?
  • What non-profits, causes and foundations does the bank support?
  • Are they interested in becoming knowledgeable about and supportive of your foundation?  Do they respect your passion for your cause?
  • What degree of trust has the bank developed in the community? Is their reputation equal to their core principles?
  • Does your banking partner have the investment tools and mechanisms in place to earn your organization money? Is there a competitive return on assets and on the principal?
At Centric Bank, we work hard to support non-profits and foundations in a variety of ways, and we work to offer personalized solutions. We also to get to know the foundations we support. 
The non-profit organizations in our communities have come to rely on and trust Centric Bank for their financial needs, and we take that trust very seriously. We offer a variety of mechanisms and financial tools to serve the specific needs of nonprofits in our area. 
We are always eagerly listening to non-profit organizations and groups in our region to bring them the latest services for their needs. We hope to continue our long history of working with non-profits by offering support to your organization. If you would like to learn more about our banking services for non-profit groups, contact Centric Bank today at 717.657.7727.