Government & Municipal Banking

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Banking for government

comes with some unique needs and responsibilities. Both at the state and municipal level, government employees have a duty to ensure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly and correctly. Often, this means banking for municipalities needs to allow for maximum transparency, convenience and efficiency.

Guidance, knowledge, and support—that’s what we deliver to every government entity we serve. We understand municipal and government banking and investment objectives and we'll work closely with you to create a customized service package.

We provide checking accounts, loans and lines of credit, cash sweep accounts, leasing, merchant services, investment options and more. We make it easy for municipal governments to work with committees and teams to bank together while allowing for maximum accountability for each individual person using a government bank account.

Best of all, each of our services is designed for the best possible use of taxpayer dollars. 

Our Government Checking account offers:

  • No Minimum Balance Requirements
  • Business Debit Card
  • Free Basic Online and Mobile Banking1
  • Tiered Competitive Interest Rates2
  • Full Collateralization Above $250,000 FDIC Coverage
  • Act 72 Coverage
1 Internet service provider/mobile carrier rates may apply.
2 Tiered rates to be determined.
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In addition, we have banking solutions customized to meet the needs of your county, borough, township, or municipality. If you're a government agency or municipality in Pennsylvania, we can provide:

Loans & Lines of Credit

Municipal governments must support local residents, take care of infrastructure and handle any needs that arise. However, municipalities often have to wait until tax time or even collection action to collect the revenues they need to pay for basic services. Loans, letters of credit and lines of credit from Centric Bank can help you close the gap and can help you fully support the people in your community.

Centric Bank can help with your lending needs for financing capital projects or refunding General Obligation Bonds. Let us help manage your cash flow for ongoing expenses. Our lines of credit can help you avoid fluctuations in your annual budgets caused by large-expense items. Ask about our competitive interest rates.


Most municipalities have a need for equipment — whether it is computers for an office or machinery to support your community. While you have the option of contracting what you need or purchasing, leasing is an affordable solution that can help you manage cash flow and revenues. Leasing has the benefit of freeing up more cash by requiring less upfront investment and allows you to upgrade equipment as needed.

Leasing your purchases allows your essential equipment to pay for itself thanks to the savings you will realize when compared to purchasing your equipment.

Plus, you can avoid your equipment becoming obsolete with trade-ins. Rather than holding onto purchased equipment for an extended period of time due to the high cost of replacement, leasing allows you to trade in your equipment as it becomes obsolete, so your municipal residents always have the newest technology they deserve.

Leasing with Centric Bank offers several advantages for your municipality:

  • Up to 100% financing of equipment
  • Fast, local credit decisions
  • Flexible financing with a fixed rate on terms up to 60 months
  • Sales and use tax paid monthly

Digital Deposit

Remotely and securely deposit checks for fast availability with our digital check scanner. Our specialist will install the equipment and teach you the process so your team members can bank at any time and without having to come into a financial center.

Merchant Services

Make it easier to provide card payment processing services with competitive pricing and programs. Your municipality can take advantage of merchant services to give residents another way to pay property taxes, utility bills, parks and recreation reservations, fines and other costs to your municipality. This can help your collections process and make it easier for you to collect revenues outstanding.

ACH Debit Blocker

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) lets you initiate credits and debits electronically. If you have an account where tax, pre-authorized or payroll debits are made, ACH Debit Blocker allows you to gain more control. The system automatically filters out unrecognized debit attempts and only accepts debits from those ACH originators you have authorized.

Positive Pay

Help prevent fraudulent checks with Positive Pay. This software scans information from each check and either accepts or rejects the item for payment. Positive Pay can be part of your strategy to avoid fraudulent checks and subsequent long-term collections practices.

Savings Options

Call today for our latest CD and Money Market rates. You may also be interested in the CDARS® (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service) program, which allows you to combine the convenience of working with one financial institution with the security of FDIC insurance. Our savings options allow you to maximize your revenues and grow them so you can meet your budgetary needs.

The Bank for Municipalities

Centric Bank has been providing banking services to meet the needs of government entities for years. We understand how local governments work and the types of financial services they need. Whatever the size of your entity, we offer the robust financial services you need to serve your constituents and honor their tax dollars with action and efficiency. Contact Centric Bank at 888.274.2033 or connect online.