Cash Management

Our cash management services are designed to improve your business's cash flow and operational efficiency. You're one click or call away from our cash management experts, and our monthly flat fee is a business advantage.

Contact the Cash Management Team at 717.686.4320 to see how Centric Bank's cash management services can help streamline your operations.
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The Importance of Cash Management in Business

Few things are as important to business success as cash management. Positive cash flow ensures you have enough money to pay your vendors and suppliers while maintaining good financial health at your organization.

Centric Bank can be your partner in providing you with the cash management services you need to maintain positive cash flow at your business. Our goal is to help you save time while offering you all the services of a comprehensive cash management program.

Centric Bank recognizes that cash management for non-profits is very different than cash management for government entities or a larger business. Every industry and company has unique needs to ensure their cash flow is as healthy as possible.

That's why Centric Bank takes the time to get to know every client and to offer unique services for each need. Whether you need services for your municipality or for your health care facility or legal practice, Centric Bank's cash management services can help. We'd be happy to discuss your options to help you find the best solutions to help you make the most of your revenues and bills.

Cash Management Benefits

At Centric Bank, our cash management services are designed for a variety of organizations and businesses. Our goal is to help you:

  • Balance your accounts with comprehensive and easy-to-use services
  • Get more control over cash flow at your business by allowing you to easily access information about your accounts at any time — and from anywhere
  • Bank according to your needs, so everyone at your organization who requires access to your bank account can do so safely and securely
  • Transfer money to and from your organization when you need to, so you can pay suppliers, accept payments, and more
  • Get the services you require personalized for your specific industry, whether you need cash management or banking for doctors, attorneys, municipalities, or something entirely different
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Speak with a Cash Management Specialist

To discuss our cash management services or any of our other business banking solutions, contact Centric Bank today!

Cash Management Online Banking Services

We offer access to your business checking account information 24/7 through our convenient, safe, and secure online banking. We also offer the use of a security token for additional authentication. Customers enjoy the following features:

  • View account balances and transactions
  • View account history
  • View check images, deposit tickets, and deposited items
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • E-statements
  • Current day and previous day reporting
  • Stop payments
  • Quickbooks reporting for easier account reconciliation

Digital Deposit

Make deposits right from your computer with our digital check scanner and an internet connection. One of our remote deposit specialists will visit your place of business to install your check scanner and instruct you in this simple process.

  • Scan your checks directly from your office.
  • Each deposit is sent through our secure digital processing website.
  • Your account will be credited within one business day.
  • Keep scanned checks on file at your office until they clear your account.
If you have a very low volume of checks to deposit, you can also use our mobile web app to scan checks from your smartphone! Learn more about Mobile Banking here.

Online ACH Origination

Initiate debits and credits electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Typical ACH applications include the following:

  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Tax payments
  • Corporate payments and collections
  • Vendor payments
By making it easier for you to make and collect payments, a strong ACH system allows you to control money coming in and going out, helping you promote positive cash flow at your organization.

ACH Debit Blocker

The ACH allows you to initiate credits and debits electronically. If you have an account where tax, pre-authorized, or payroll debits are made, ACH Debit Blocker allows you to gain more control. The system automatically filters out unrecognized debit attempts and only accepts debits from those ACH originators you have authorized.

Merchant Services

Make credit card processing convenient and flexible for both you and your customers with our Merchant Services.
  • Process payments for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, or bank debit cards
  • Equipment available at competitive prices
  • Fees are deducted from your account at the end of each month
  • Local support for installation, training, and questions

Positive Pay

With Positive Pay you can take a proactive step to help detect and prevent fraud on your business accounts.  You’ll have the tools to make well informed decisions about suspicious check activity BEFORE a loss occurs on your account.
  • You upload a file containing issued check data so Centric Bank can compare checks presented for payment against the list of checks you provided.
  • Checks that do not match the file you provided are considered potentially fraudulent and are sent to you as an “exception” for examination.
  • You review our daily exception report and then accept or reject items for Centric Bank to pay from your account.

Online Domestic Wire Transfers

Transfer funds quickly and securely to accounts at other U.S. banks. Our cut-off time for same-day online wire transfers is 3:00 p.m. With our online domestic wire transfers, you can easily pay vendors and suppliers or receive payment, promoting positive cash flow at your business.

Sweep Accounts

Make the most of your excess cash through one of our sweep accounts to maximize your earnings potential. Sweep accounts automatically transfer excess money out of your account and deposit it in a money market account or other account designed to earn you money. You can sweep money into your money market account overnight or for an extended period, maximizing your revenues by allowing your funds to work for your company. Centric Bank offers a choice of sweep accounts:

  • Investment Sweep - Manages your cash more efficiently and increases your income by automatically transferring excess funds into a Money Market Investment Sweep Account which is interest-bearing and FDIC-insured.
  • Zero Balance Accounts - An account in which a balance of zero is maintained by automatically transferring funds to and from a master account, thus reducing idle balances. Zero balance accounts maximize funds available for investment and minimize risk of overdraft fees.

Escrow Sub-Accounts

Escrow sub-accounts allow you to keep money on behalf of clients or other stakeholders. For example, if you're a property manager, an escrow sub-account allows you to safely and securely store your renters' security deposits.
A Centric Bank Escrow Sub-Account helps you manage funds more efficiently by saving time and reducing paperwork and includes the following convenient features:
  • Combined statements
  • Online viewing and transfers
  • Nickname accounts on statements
  • Interest-bearing option