Routing & Account Numbers

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Locate Your Checking Routing and Account Numbers

On occasion you may be asked to provide Centric Bank’s routing and/or your checking account number. Some examples of when this may happen are:

  • Setting up direct deposit or automatic payment
  • Reordering checks
  • Receiving a wire transfer

How To Check Your Bank Account Number

Centric Bank's routing number is 031315269.  Both the routing number and your account number are printed on your checks as shown in this account number example:
Centric Bank check routing number example

For What Are the Checking Account Number and Routing Number Used?

Your account number, routing number and other numbers on your checks are essentially information for banks and other financial institutions. They provide institutions with the banking account information they need for each specific customer so they can effectively transfer money as a client requires.

There are hundreds of millions of business and personal accounts in this country. There are many more around the world. Bank and routing numbers help identify each of these accounts so there’s no confusion when it comes to your money. Whether you have an individual or business account number, there is also a routing number to identify your financial institution.

With an account number and routing number, different information is communicated. Your business account number, for example, identifies your particular business or account. On your business check, the routing number identifies your specific bank or credit union. Both pieces of information are needed for a business to directly deposit money from your account or to send a wire transfer to your account.

Routing numbers are also known as routing transit numbers or ABA (American Bankers Association) numbers. They help prevent confusion and ensure money and checks go where they're supposed to go. When you submit bank routing and account numbers, you can be sure the money will flow into and out of your account as requested without accidentally being placed in another account.

Is It Safe to Give out My Business Checking Account Number and Routing Number?

There is a risk with any type of financial transaction, but Centric Bank takes your security seriously and has many layers of protection to safeguard you and your bank account. Whether you have a business bank account or an individual bank account, we work hard to keep your money safe.

When you set up a direct deposit or automatic bill payment, you allow someone to access your account. Having the specific routing numbers and account numbers, though, make it difficult for anyone unauthorized to gain access to your account. Then, when sending wire transfers, routing numbers and account numbers ensure that money gets to where it needs to go.
It’s important to remember that the routing number of your bank is easily available to anyone online — it is not confidential information. However, by taking proper precautions and partnering with Centric Bank, you can help keep your financial information safe. If you do have any concerns about your account, you can always contact Centric Bank for assistance.