Personal Credit Cards

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Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever

Whether you want to pay down balances faster, maximize cash back, earn rewards or begin building your credit history, we have the ideal card for you!
No matter which card you choose, you'll enjoy important features like:

  • Convenient and Flexible Purchasing Power. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide.
  • Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience.
  • Zero Fraud Liability.* You won’t be liable for fraudulent purchases when your card is lost or stolen.
  • Cardmember Service available 24 hours a day/365 days per year.
  • Plus much more!

Qualifying for a Centric Bank Credit Card

To get a credit card, you must qualify for one. To do so, you must generally:

  • Have reached age 18
  • Have a good credit history
  • Have a steady source of income
  • Submit a credit card application that is approved
If you do not meet these qualifications, you may be able to secure a credit card by having a co-signer. For instance, many younger adults first build up their credit score by being listed on a parent’s credit card. If you have had trouble getting qualified before, contact Centric Bank to discuss options — including other financing products and services.

Centric Bank makes applying simple. You can even apply online. And if you'd like help applying for a credit card, simply contact a financial center.
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Choosing the Right Credit Card

Major credit card companies such as MasterCard and Visa offer a range of products to meet your needs. When choosing your credit card, however, your main considerations are:

  • Interest rates
  • The terms and conditions of the card (such as grace periods)
  • How you will use the card
  • Any annual fees or costs
  • Credit limits
  • Reward programs or the other features you want
If you're wondering which credit card is right for you, contact Centric Bank or visit one of our financial centers. A member of our team would be happy to help you. Or, if you prefer, apply online for the card of your choice. Whether you prefer face-to-face contact or the convenience of online application, Centric Bank is here for you.

Credit Cards Can Be Great Financial Tools

Personal credit cards can be part of your overall financial strategy, designed to help you make the most of your money. A credit card from Centric Bank can offer you several benefits:

  • They allow you to make purchases — such as renting a car or securing a hotel room — which are difficult to make without a credit card.
  • They allow you to shop safely online.
  • You can get protection on big-ticket items and against fraudulent merchants.
  • When used correctly, they can help you build a good credit score.
  • They can provide you with the means of paying for emergencies, such as car repairs, tow trucks and anything else you need for unexpected occurrences.
  • They help you track spending, potentially making budgeting easier. Some offer attractive features and bonuses, such as cash back features, reward point programs and more.
  • Credit cards allow you to name other users — such as your children — so they have access to money when they need it.
  • They allow you to build good spending and financial habits.
  • Credit cards can be used to set up automatic payments, so you can pay your bills on time.

Having a credit card in your wallet is a little bit of extra security. You always know that if you need something, you can purchase it. Credit cards can also help you pay for something quickly, efficiently and safely. Protected by your signature and a PIN number, they offer peace of mind. With Centric Bank credit cards, you can choose from a range of cards with the features and rewards you want.

*Elan Financial Services provides zero fraud liability for unauthorized transactions. Cardholder must notify Elan Financial Services promptly of any unauthorized use. Certain conditions and limitations may apply.
The creditor and issuer of these cards is Elan Financial Services, pursuant to separate licenses from Visa U.S.A. Inc., and Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

All credit is subject to approval.