Digital Wallet

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Look for these Icons

Link your Centric Bank debit card today and start paying wherever you see these icons. Leave your card at home and pay with your Centric Bank debit card using the convenience and security of mobile payments. Payments are made behind the security of your mobile device.  


When you see one of these symbols in stores, simply hold your device to the symbol on the terminal to pay.
You can even use your Digital Wallet when you check out online….look for the symbol, and enter the required credentials.
digital wallet payment
smart watch payment


When your card is linked to a mobile wallet, your information is encrypted and your actual card number is not transmitted.  The merchant never sees or stores your data during a transaction.
To gain access to the cards in your mobile wallet, a PIN, fingerprint or face scan is required.

Digital Wallet FAQs

A digital wallet is just as it sounds – it’s your wallet but in a digital format so you can make payments without having your Centric Bank debit card with you physically.  Digital wallets allow you to make a purchase in a store, in an app or even on a website with a participating merchant all with a compatible phone or wearable device.  

What are the benefits of using a digital wallet?
There are many benefits to making purchases with your Centric Bank debit card using your digital wallet, including:

  • Convenience – you don’t have to worry about having your card with you or pulling it out of your wallet or bag while making a purchase.

  • Secure – During a transaction, the merchant receives a one-time password, or token, to complete the transaction.  In this process, your card number is never provided and makes it nearly impossible for a fraudster to take your card information.  
Are digital wallets safe?
Yes.  Digital wallets utilize security features that are built into your device to protect your payment transactions.  Additionally, you will be required to authenticate yourself before the transaction can be processed.  Depending on your device type, the authentication step may be completed using your fingerprint, facial recognition, passcode or PIN.  The digital wallet providers do not store or have access to your full account number as they are only provided a unique one-time passcode, known as a token, to provide to the merchant to complete the transaction.  The last four digits of your card number is displayed on the card image within the wallet for the purpose of helping you manage your card(s).  

For more information on the security features enabled by each digital wallet provider, please click on the links below to visit their website:

Consumer and business Centric Bank debit cards are eligible to be added to your digital wallet.  HSA debit cards are not eligible for the digital wallet service. 
Yes.  There is not a limit on the number of Centric Bank debit cards that can be added into a digital wallet.  However, there may be a limit to the number of cards that your digital wallet allows set by the wallet provider. 
Yes.  You can add your Centric Bank debit card(s) to multiple digital wallets and/or wallet-enabled devices.
If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us at 888.274.2033. You can remove the card you added to the device within your digital wallet app. Once you receive a new card, add your new card to your digital wallet following the steps you utilized the first time setting it up.
No. If your Centric Bank debit card is cancelled, it cannot be used to make purchases within your digital wallet. Once you receive your replacement card, add your new card to your digital wallet following the same steps as if you were setting it up for the first time.
In the event of a lost device, you may want to contact your service provider to suspend your service for that device. You can still make payments using your physical Centric Bank debit card. If you would like to cancel your card and order a replacement card, please contact us at 888.274.2033.
If you have any questions regarding your Centric Bank debit card, please contact us at 888.274.2033.
For more information regarding your digital wallet, please visit your digital wallet provider’s website by clicking one of the links below:

Apple Pay Website
Apple Pay FAQ
Google Pay Website
Google Pay FAQ
Samsung Pay Website
Samsung Pay FAQ

Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Samsung Pay is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The Contactless Symbol is a trademark owned by and used with permission of EMVCo, LLC.
You can pay with a digital wallet in stores and online.  Learn more: