Checking Accounts

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Interested in moving your accounts to Centric Bank? Make the Switch.
Your personal checking account is your passport to financial transactions. A checking account is the basic tool you'll need to pay for services, make bill payments and more.
We have a variety of checking accounts to meet every individual and family need. Each account below includes a FREE debit card, online banking, and mobile banking.1   
Connect with a Banker to start the account opening process or contact the nearest Centric Bank Financial Center to see which checking account fits you best. We'll walk you through making the switch to Centric Bank, where We Revolve Around You!

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Affinity Checking

Best for those who keep low balances.

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Interest Checking

Best for those who want to earn interest on higher balances.
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Rewards Checking

For those who want to earn cash-back rewards for all non-PIN transactions.
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Golden Rewards Checking

For those 50+ who desire interest on higher balances.

Benefits of Checking Accounts

  • Deposit checks - safer than carrying around cash!
  • Pay for purchases with a debit card linked to your account – Instead of paying with cash, easily tap or insert your card in a card reader at check out. Or pay online just like you would with a credit card. But the money comes directly from your checking account…no more credit card interest or penalties.*
  • Security - All Centric Bank checking accounts let you lock your debit card if it's ever lost or stolen—helping to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Utilize direct deposit from your employer – Your paycheck can be deposited directly into your checking account automatically on pay day, typically faster than getting it in the mail!
  • Easy access to your money - You can typically withdraw by visiting a bank, using your debit card at an ATM or making an online transfer.
  • Set up automated, recurring bill payments – no more late fees! Set up automatic bill pay and your bills will be paid on time every month.
  • Transfer money electronically to friends and family – it’s easy to pay your friends and family with the person-to-person (P2P) feature in our mobile app.
  • Analyze your spending - you can use your checking account as a budgeting tool, as you’ll receive a monthly statement of your deposits and spending, so you can see where your money is coming from and where it’s going.
  • FDIC insurance – your deposits are covered up to the allowable limits
  • Digital Banking tools – manage your personal checking account online or in our mobile banking app, so you can do your banking when and where it’s convenient for you.

Learn About Checking Accounts

For information to help you better understand how checking accounts work, how to better manage a checking account, and how to avoid overdraft fees, visit our Checking Navigator. Our Checking Navigator is an easy-to-use, fun and interactive educational tool to walk you through the facts about checking accounts and to help you find the right solutions for you. Set sail for financial control today by using our Checking Navigator.

*Overdraft fees may apply; see EFT Disclosure for details.