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Business Credit Cards

Centric Bank’s Visa® business credit cards come with a variety of important features including award-winning expense management tools, free employee cards, mobile payment capabilities for added convenience, and added security benefits including EMV smart chip technology.

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Business Credit Cards Can Be Great Financial Tools

Finding the best business credit in Pennsylvania is a crucial part of your business success. Businesses, quite simply, need to have financing on hand to deal with the everyday realities of operations. Business credit cards can help you:

  • Pay vendors
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Purchase more inventory or supplies when needed
  • Keep business expenses separate from personal expenses
  • Improve cash flow
  • Pay for any services you need

Owning a business is unpredictable. One month you may see fewer sales and the next month you may be struggling to keep inventory on the shelves. It can be difficult to predict what will happen at your business from one month to the next — or even one day to the next. Even with the best forecasting, the unexpected can happen. When it does, business credit cards in PA give you a flexible, revolving type of credit so you can take advantage of any opportunities and handle any issues that arise.

If you already have multiple business credit cards, getting a low interest business credit card allows you to regain control of your organization’s finances by consolidating your credit card debts and working to pay them off.

Finding the Right Business Credit Cards in Pennsylvania

You have many credit card options. If you are a sole proprietor or small business, you may even be tempted to use your personal credit card. Unfortunately, at tax time, this can cause problems. Keeping your business and personal expenses separate is an important step in ensuring you are taxed fairly and can meet all financial obligations and rules.

When it comes time to choose your business credit card, you'll want to consider:

  • The Rate. As with all credit cards, the interest rate is one of the deciding factors when choosing a card. While you may be able to write off some of your business expenses (and this can include credit card interest rates), the lower the rates, the easier it is to pay off what you owe.
  • Your Needs. Do you need a business credit card to pay off existing debt? Do you want a credit card so your employees can purchase business-related items as part of their job? Will you be paying primarily vendors and online suppliers — or will you be using your credit card to make monthly payments on your bills?
  • The Likely Users of the Credit Account. Carefully consider how many people will need to have access to the credit account. You may want multiple cards in the business name for the entire team, or just or two managers.
  • Your Business. Different organizations have different needs. If you are a small two-person operation, your credit limits and needs will be very different from those of a multi-million-dollar firm.

At Centric Bank, we’re always happy to help you if you have questions about business credit cards, credit lines or any type of business financing. No matter what your industry and no matter the size of your business, we work to help you enjoy the financial products you need to succeed. Contact us today to find out about our exciting business credit card options.