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Business Banking with Centric Bank

Centric Bank is your most powerful business resource.  Growing strong and healthy communities requires a commitment to champion our region’s biggest asset—small business. Every business needs tools to help it grow, attract customers, manage resources, and reinvest in the community. Thanks to our customers, Centric Bank is one of the most powerful business resources in the communities we serve.

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Whether you’re ramping up or preparing to grow, we pride ourselves on shortening your learning curve to profitability and financial independence.

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Centric Bank is serious about your business. Companies and other businesses in the Pennsylvania region do a lot more than just sell services and products. At Centric Bank, we believe all organizations contribute to our economy, quality of life and innovation, and we fully support them through innovative and practical business banking in Pennsylvania.

If you're looking for business banking information, business financing or more, contact Centric Bank or fill out our online form to talk to a banker. You can also call us at 717.657.7727 or toll-free at 888.274.2033 to speak to someone directly.

A Different Kind of Business Banking in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re ramping up or preparing to grow, we pride ourselves on shortening your learning curve to profitability and financial independence.

Real Business Banking Solutions – Designed for You

Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a professional practice or a Fortune 500 company, you probably realize you need a business banking account to keep your professional and personal assets separate. Business banking services, however, extend far beyond a business account. Centric Bank offers a full range of professional and business banking solutions, all provided with exceptional customer care:

1. Business checking accounts. Business checking accounts are the foundation of banking and allow you to access the tools you need to pay and be paid.

2. Business loans and lines of credit. When it's time to start or expand your business, you may need financing. Whether you're looking for unsecured lines of credit or secured loans based on your business assets, Centric Bank offers fast and transparent loan processes to get your business growing.

3. Leasing. Leasing equipment or technology allows you to keep your cash available for other uses. Centric Bank can finance up to 100% of your business lease and can offer flexible payment terms and schedules.

4. Cash management. For a monthly flat fee, Centric Bank cash management experts can develop an action plan to improve cash flow and efficiency at your company.

5. Merchant services for business. If you want to accept credit card payments and process payments at your business’ physical location or online, you may need merchant services. Our experts can also help you transition to EMV-compatible devices for enhanced security against fraud for your business.

6. Online and mobile banking for your company. Running a business is more than a full-time job. We understand that when it comes to business banking, banks can't stay open late enough. We offer mobile and online banking so you can do business when you need to — not just during business hours

7. Certificates of Deposit, savings accounts and money market accounts. These accounts allow you to hold onto revenue for longer periods of time in a way that earns interest for your business. Centric Bank offers low minimum amounts to keep cash flow at your company healthy.

8. Business Health Savings accounts. Centric Bank can help you set up Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for your employees so they can save pre-tax dollars for health expenses in conjunction with a high-deductible insurance plan. Consult your tax advisor for potential tax savings.

9. Business credit cards. When it's time to pay vendors or give your team members the ability to pay for supplies and inventory, a business credit card can be a great solution. Let Centric Bank help you find a credit card complementary to your business needs.

More Than a Business Banking Account: Top Tier Services

At Centric Bank, our “banking as usual” services are quite unusual according to our customers. We blend the latest online and digital financial service technologies with personalized, relationship-focused customer care. Because you are so much more than an account number, we take the time to get to know you. We know your name and understand your principles of business. Our team’s aggregate 200 years of financial expertise guides you through the lending process to help you meet your goals.

To discuss the banking needs of your organization, give us a call at 717.657.7727 (toll free 888.274.2033) or Connect with a Banker.

We understand your business is not like any other company or organization out there. You pour your heart and soul into building up a company that matters. That's why at Centric Bank we offer unique business solutions for healthcare practices, nonprofits, government entities, small businesses and professional practices. Our customized solutions help you find a great fit between your business needs and our business solutions. Contact Centric Bank today to find out what options exist for you.