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Centric Bank in Lancaster

We are your community bank in Lancaster. Centric Bank has a location at 350 Highland Drive in Mountville to serve Lancaster County.

The commercial lending office in Mountville is a community-focused location, like all Centric Bank locations, but it’s unique in that it will focus on “food and farm Centric Banking” to meet the unique needs of our community.

Centric Bank is not owned by a large banking conglomerate. We are a community bank headquartered in Harrisburg. We know the Central Pennsylvania community because we are part of it. Our team in Lancaster is local to the area so we can understand the needs of this region. When you visit us on Highland Drive, you’re visiting a team who understands your concerns — because they’re our concerns, too.

Lancaster County is known for agriculture and food production. The hard-working businesses in this area put food on America’s tables and allow us all to feed our children. Centric Bank would like to say thank you to the hard-working farmers and businesses of Lancaster by offering personalized and competitive financial products and services.

Agricultural and Food Banking

Lancaster County boasts the most productive non-irrigated farming region in the entire country. Farms and food-industry companies here ship their products and goods across the country and farming contributes $5.9 billion to the agricultural economy.

Food and agriculture is big business here, but at Centric Bank we recognize these businesses have unique financial needs. They may need loans for equipment or land, emergency loans for sudden losses or flexible financing options to reflect seasonal changes in revenue streams. One-size-fits-all solutions created by big banks might not meet these needs, which is why Centric Bank offers a personalized and community-focused approach to our customers. We can discuss your needs and create solutions for farming and food production banking in Lancaster — together.

Business Banking

Centric Bank offers more than just banking for farmers in PA. Lancaster is a vibrant community, and we know that farmers and agricultural businesses are not the only entrepreneurs in the county. After all, Centric Bank is a small business, too, and we specialize in the financial industry. No matter your field, we offer a range of business loans and business solutions for you – whether you need leases, small business loans or large loans for a corporation.

No matter what banking services you need, go local. We would be happy to meet with you and help you meet your financial needs. Centric Bank works hard to help your business meet its financial goals. We look forward to being your partner in banking in Lancaster, PA.