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Digital Wallet

Man paying with digital wallet

Leave your card at home and pay with your Centric Bank debit card using the convenience and security of mobile payments. Payments are made behind the security of your mobile device.  Link your Centric Bank debit card today and start paying wherever you see these icons:
Apple Pay Symbol Google Pay Symbol Samsung Pay Symbol Contactless Payment Symbol


When you see one of these symbols in stores, simply hold your device to the symbol on the terminal to pay.
You can even use your Digital Wallet when you check out online….look for the symbol, and enter the required credentials.
When your card is linked to a mobile wallet, your information is encrypted and your actual card number is not transmitted.  The merchant never sees or stores your data during a transaction.
To gain access to the cards in your mobile wallet, a PIN, fingerprint or face scan is required.
Learn more about making payments using the digital wallet on your smartphone in our Frequently Asked Questions. At Centric Bank you'll find digital banking for your convenience, and the personal attention when you need it. 

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