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Centric Bank in Hummelstown

Derry Township Financial Center

Tim Mayersky
Vice President, Financial Center Senior Manager
1201 W. Governor Rd.
Hummelstown, PA 17036

Lobby and Drive Up Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9:00-5:00
Friday 9:00 - 6:00
Saturday 9:00 - 12:00, Drive Thru Service Only
       Lobby by Appointment

ATM open 24/7

Centric Bank has a financial center at 1201 W. Governor Rd. in Hummelstown in Derry Township but we’re much more than a brick-and-mortar presence, conveniently located across from the Medical Center. In addition to offering banking in Derry Township for Hummelstown, Hershey, and surrounding areas, we take a real interest in the community and participate in community events.

Our team has walked in the Hummelstown and Hershey Halloween parades. We’ve also supported local businesses and charities. We’re proud to visit the Hummelstown Historical Society Library & Museum, walk the Hummel Nature Trail and cheer on the Falcons. Being part of a town of a few thousand has allowed us to get to know our neighbors, and our staff has the same concerns as you.

While we have been falling in love with Hummelstown since we opened our doors on Governor Road, we’ve also been providing cutting-edge banking services. That way, town residents don’t have to head to a larger city to get quality financial services and support. Whether you need in-person services, loans or online and mobile banking, our robust offerings meet you where you are. We work with the financial resources you have and can support you with financial products for your future.

Supporting Local Business

Centric Bank offers banking for doctors in Hershey and other towns. Many healthcare practitioners in the area rely on our financing, business accounts and convenient banking specifically for healthcare professionals to build their practices. Our Doctor Centric Bank offers concierge service, unsecured lines of credit and medical equipment financing so healthcare practitioners in the area get the financial support they need and can focus on treating their patients.

Centric Bank also offers unique banking services for small businesses, nonprofit groups, government groups, professional practices and more. We believe that supporting small business and local tourist businesses isn't just about opening a new business checking account. It's about fostering growth in the community, building innovation, and encouraging the businesses that help us make our communities stronger. We take our responsibilities to local businesses seriously, and we always work with local companies to help give them the best chance of success.

Supporting Local Families

Centric Bank believes that a bank is about a lot more than just crunching numbers. We believe that when big family events happen, banking is behind them. Whether you're saving for your first home, planning for your retirement, or trying to figure out how to make your budget work, we have services to help you.

From online banking to help you make sense of your paycheck to loans for your car, Centric Bank works with your family to ensure you have more time together and get to enjoy the good things in life. If we can be of help, contact Centric Bank for personalized, caring support. You can contact us online or by calling our local office at 717.533.7626. One of our bankers will be pleased to help you. You can also stop by our W. Governor Rd. location to set up an account in person.

When you drop by our Derry Township location, you may meet the location’s manager, Tim Mayersky since he works closely with our clients to offer personalized attention.